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Using electrospray ionization-tandem mass spectrometry to explore formation and gas-phase chemistry of silver nanoclusters generated from the reaction of silver salts with NaBH(4)in the presence of bis(diphenylarsino)methane

Howard Z Ma, Alasdair I McKay, Allan J Canty, Richard AJ O'Hair

Journal of Mass Spectrometry | WILEY | Published : 2020


Electrospray ionization-mass spectrometry (ESI-MS) of mixtures of AgBF4 or AgNO3 with the capping ligand bis(diphenylarsino)methane ((Ph2 As)2 CH2 = dpam) in a solution of acetonitrile revealed the formation of the following cations: [Ag(CH3 CN)(dpam)]+ , [Ag(dpam)2 ]+ , [Ag2 (Cl)(dpam)2 ]+ , and [Ag3 (Cl)2 (dpam)3 ]+ . Addition of NaBH4 to these solutions results in the formation of the cluster cations [Ag2 (BH4 )(dpam)2 ]+ , [Ag2 (BH4 )(dpam)3 ]+ , [Ag3 (H)(BH4 )(dpam)3 ]+ , [Ag3 (BH4 )2 (dpam)3 ]+ , [Ag3 (H)(Cl)(dpam)3 ]+ , and [Ag3 (I)(BH4 )(dpam)3 ]+ , as established by ESI-MS. Use of NaBD4 confirmed that borohydride is the source of the hydride in these clusters. An Orbitrap Fusion LUM..

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