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Titanium Nitride Electron-Conductive Contact for Silicon Solar Cells By Radio Frequency Sputtering from a TiN Target.

Jing Yu, Pheng Phang, Christian Samundsett, Rabin Basnet, Guru P Neupan, Xi Yang, Daniel H Macdonald, Yimao Wan, Di Yan, Jichun Ye

ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces | American Chemical Society | Published : 2020


Efficient and stable electron selective materials compatible with commercial production are essential to the fabrication of dopant-free silicon solar cells. In this work, we report an air-stable TiN (titanium nitride) polycrystalline film, deposited using radio frequency sputtering process, as an electron selective contact in silicon solar cells. TiN films deposited at 300 W and 1.5 mTorr exhibit a low contact resistivity of 2.0 mΩ·cm2. Furthermore, the main factors and mechanisms affecting the carrier selectivity properties are also explored. TiN layers as full area rear electron contacts in n-type silicon solar cells have been successfully implemented, even though TiN film contains some ox..

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