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Contributions to breadmaking of inherent variations in lipid content and composition of wheat cultivars. II. Fractionation and reconstitution studies.

G McCormack, J Panozzo, F MacRitchie

Journal of Cereal Science | Elsevier BV | Published : 1991


The effects on test-bake loaf volume of variations in flour lipid content and composition of the order found in the survey (accompanying paper: McCormack et al. Part I. J. Cereal Sci. 13 (1991) 255-261) have been directly measured using fraction and reconstitution methods. Loaf volume decreased linearly for flours from several cultivars when the percentage of lipid that was non-polar was varied from 0 to 100, keeping the total non-starch lipid level constant at its natural value by corresponding adjustment with the polar lipid fraction (i.e. the percentage of polar lipid varied from 100 to 0). This allowed an estimation of the contribution to differences in loaf volume for cultivars having t..

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