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Identification of QTLs associated with variations in grain protein concentration in two-row barley

LC Emebiri, DB Moody, JF Panozzo, KJ Chalmers, JM Kretschmer, GA Ablett

Australian Journal of Agricultural Research | C S I R O PUBLISHING | Published : 2003


Grain protein concentration (GPC) is arguably the most important factor when marketing malting barleys. Excessively high and excessively low GPC are both undesirable for malting and brewing. GPC variation is influenced to a high degree by the environment and exhibits relatively large genotype × environment interaction. Identification of molecular markers linked to genes influencing GPC would allow barley breeders to select for GPC independent of environmental effects. A genetic linkage map with 270 markers was constructed to identify the genetic basis for variation in GPC, using 180 doubled haploid lines from a cross of VB9524 and ND11231*12. The parental genotypes were chosen on the basis o..

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