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Prevention not cure: a review of methods to avoid sea lice infestations in salmon aquaculture

Luke T Barrett, Frode Oppedal, Nick Robinson, Tim Dempster



The Atlantic salmon aquaculture industry still struggles with ectoparasitic sea lice despite decades of research and development invested into louse removal methods. In contrast, methods to prevent infestations before they occur have received relatively little research effort, yet may offer key benefits over treatment‐focused methods. Here, we summarise the range of potential and existing preventative methods, conduct a meta‐analysis of studies trialling the efficacy of existing preventative methods and discuss the rationale for a shift to the prevention‐focused louse management paradigm. Barrier technologies that minimise host–parasite encounter rates provide the greatest protection against..

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Awarded by Research Council of Norway

Funding Acknowledgements

This study was supported by the Research Council of Norway (Future Welfare project 267800) and an Australian Research Council Future Fellowship to TD. The authors declare no conflicts of interest. Members of the SALTT lab at UoM and an anonymous reviewer gave valuable feedback on the manuscript.