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Genetic dissection of the interactions between semi-dwarfing genes sdw1 and ari-e and their effects on agronomic traits in a barley MAGIC population

Viet Hoang Dang, Camilla Beate Hill, Xiao-Qi Zhang, Tefera Tolera Angessa, Lee-Anne McFawn, Chengdao Li

Molecular Breeding | SPRINGER | Published : 2020


The introduction of semi-dwarf cereal crop varieties in the 1960s enabled extensive increases in global food production. Semi-dwarf barley cultivars have shorter stature and improved stress resistance, grain yield and quality than tall varieties. The major semi-dwarf genes, sdw1 and ari-e, have been widely used in barley breeding programmes worldwide. In this study, we identified a novel sdw1 allele in cv. Lockyer and investigated the effect of sdw1 and ari-e and their interactions on plant height, flowering time and grain yield using a Multi-parent Advanced Generation Inter-cross (MAGIC) population generated from four elite barley cultivars. Allele-specific markers combined with Kompetitive..

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