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Deterministic Selection Dominates Microbial Community Assembly in Termite Mounds Across a Large Spatial Area

Qing-Lin Chen, Hang-Wei Hu, Zhen-Zhen Yan, Chao-Yu Li, Bao-Anh Thi Nguyen, Hui-Ling Cui, Yong Zheng, Yong-Guan Zhu, Ji-Zheng He

Research Square | Research Square | Published : 2020


Background: Termites are ubiquitous insects in tropical and subtropical habitats, where they construct massive mounds from soil, their saliva and excreta. Termite mounds harbor an enormous amount of microbial inhabitants, which regulate multiple ecosystem functions such as mitigating methane emissions and increasing ecosystem resistance to climate change. However, we lack a mechanistic understanding about the role of termite mounds in modulating the microbial community assembly processes, which are essential to unravel the biological interactions of soil fauna and microorganisms, the major components of soil food webs. We conducted a large-scale survey across a > 1500 km transect in northern..

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