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Design and characterization of casein-whey protein suspensions via the pH-temperature-route for application in extrusion-based 3D-Printing

Kilian Daffner, Saumil Vadodaria, Lydia Ong, Stefan Nöbel, Sally Gras, Ian Norton, Tom Mills

Food Hydrocolloids | Elsevier BV | Published : 2021


The current interest in individualized food through additive manufacturing has identified a need for more information on the formulation and printability of potential ingredients. Here, the effect of formulation parameters of casein–whey protein suspensions like the pH (4.8–5.4) as well as the casein content (8.0–12.0% (w/w)) mixed with whey protein (2.0–3.0% (w/w)) and the effect of pre-processing parameters including the denaturation of whey proteins (80 °C, 10 min; adjusted pH 6.55, 6.9 and 7.1) on the gel formation via the pH–temperature (T)-route was studied. Rheological measurements showed that the sol–gel transition temperature (G’ = 1 Pa) decreased and the aggregation rate of the cas..

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