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Role of modelling in COVID-19 policy development

Emma S McBryde, Michael T Meehan, Oyelola A Adegboye, Adeshina Adekunle, Jamie M Caldwell, Anton Pak, Diana P Rojas, Bridget M Williams, James M Trauer



Models have played an important role in policy development to address the COVID-19 outbreak from its emergence in China to the current global pandemic. Early projections of international spread influenced travel restrictions and border closures. Model projections based on the virus's infectiousness demonstrated its pandemic potential, which guided the global response to and prepared countries for increases in hospitalisations and deaths. Tracking the impact of distancing and movement policies and behaviour changes has been critical in evaluating these decisions. Models have provided insights into the epidemiological differences between higher and lower income countries, as well as vulnerable..

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Funding Acknowledgements

Michael Meehan would like to acknowledge funding from NHMRC Grant GNT1153493 Centre of Research Excellence in Tuberculosis Control on both sides of our border. Emma McBryde would like to acknowledge funding from NHMRC Grant GNT1170960 Supporting Participatory Evidence generation to Control Transmissible diseases in our Region Using Modelling (SPECTRUM) James Trauer would like to acknowledge support from an Early Career Fellowship from the NHMRC (APP1142638).