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Clinical Performance Feedback Intervention Theory (CP-FIT): a new theory for designing, implementing, and evaluating feedback in health care based on a systematic review and meta-synthesis of qualitative research

Benjamin Brown, Wouter T Gude, Thomas Blakeman, Sabine N van der Veer, Noah Ivers, Jill J Francis, Fabiana Lorencatto, Justin Presseau, Niels Peek, Gavin Daker-White



BACKGROUND: Providing health professionals with quantitative summaries of their clinical performance when treating specific groups of patients ("feedback") is a widely used quality improvement strategy, yet systematic reviews show it has varying success. Theory could help explain what factors influence feedback success, and guide approaches to enhance effectiveness. However, existing theories lack comprehensiveness and specificity to health care. To address this problem, we conducted the first systematic review and synthesis of qualitative evaluations of feedback interventions, using findings to develop a comprehensive new health care-specific feedback theory. METHODS: We searched MEDLINE, E..

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