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[Early Intervention in Schizophrenia - an Update].

Karolina Leopold, Thomas Becker, Johann Förstl, Falk Kiefer, Walter de Millas, Wolfgang Janetzky, Martin Lambert, Andrea Pfennig, Andreas Bechdolf

Fortschritte der Neurologie · Psychiatrie | Published : 2020


In Germany, psychoses are still diagnosed too late. The average duration of untreated psychosis is (DUP) one year. Early intervention should, therefore, be given higher priority. The shorter the duration of the DUP, the higher the probability of permanent recovery and a better long-term prognosis. Public education work and specialised early detection centres with low-threshold access can improve care and thus the prospects of patients, mostly young, and already in the early phase of the disease. In addition to anti-psychotic therapy, evidence-based psychotherapeutic procedures, family and peer work, as well as accompanying offers are necessary to support patients individually in being or rem..

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