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Translating big data to better treatment in bipolar disorder - a manifesto for coordinated action.

Mirko Manchia, Eduard Vieta, Olav B Smeland, Cara Altimus, Andreas Bechdolf, Frank Bellivier, Veerle Bergink, Andrea Fagiolini, John R Geddes, Tomas Hajek, Chantal Henry, Ralph Kupka, Trine V Lagerberg, Rasmus W Licht, Monica Martinez-Cengotitabengoa, Gunnar Morken, René E Nielsen, Ana Gonzalez Pinto, Andreas Reif, Marcella Rietschel Show all

European Neuropsychopharmacology | Published : 2020


Bipolar disorder (BD) is a major healthcare and socio-economic challenge. Despite its substantial burden on society, the research activity in BD is much smaller than its economic impact appears to demand. There is a consensus that the accurate identification of the underlying pathophysiology for BD is fundamental to realize major health benefits through better treatment and preventive regimens. However, to achieve these goals requires coordinated action and innovative approaches to boost the discovery of the neurobiological underpinnings of BD, and rapid translation of research findings into development and testing of better and more specific treatments. To this end, we here propose that onl..

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