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The potential role of antibodies against minor blood group antigens in renal transplantation

Stephen G Holt, Prasanti Kotagiri, Chris Hogan, Peter Hughes, Rosemary Masterson



Blood group antigens are red blood cell (RBC) surface markers comprising specific carbohydrate moieties attached to the glycolipids and glycoproteins within the membrane. In addition to the major ABO blood group antigens, at least 35 minor blood group antigens have been defined to date. These antigens have immunogenic potential and may cause a transfusion reaction. There is evidence for renal expression of antigens from the Kidd, MNS, Duffy and Lewis groups and therefore the potential for antibodies directed against these antigens to cross-react in a transplanted kidney. In individuals lacking a specific RBC antigen, antibodies may develop after de novo exposure to that antigen, in addition ..

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