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Causes of variation in epigenetic aging across the lifespan

Shuai Li, Tuong Nguyen, Ee Ming Wong, Pierre-Antoine Dugué, Gillian Dite, Nicola Armstrong, Jeffrey Craig, Karen Mather, Perminder Sachdev, Richard Saffery, Joohon Sung, Qihua Tan, Anbupalam Thalamuthu, Roger Milne, Graham Giles, Melissa Southey, John Hopper

Published : 2020


Background: DNA methylation-based biological age (DNAm age) is potentially an important biomarker for adult health. Studies in specific age ranges have found widely varying results about its causes of variation. We investigated these causes across the lifespan. Methods We pooled genome-wide DNA methylation data for 4,217 people aged 0-92 years from 1,871 families. DNAm age was calculated using the Horvath epigenetic clock. We estimated familial correlations in DNAm age for monozygotic (MZ) twin, dizygotic (DZ) twin, sibling, parent-offspring, and spouse pairs by cohabitation status. Genetic and environmental variance component models were fitted and compared. Results Twin pair correlations..

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