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Frequent occurrence of low-level positive autoantibodies in chronic hepatitis C

Pooja Deshpande, Christine Bundell, Elizabeth McKinnon, Margaret Hellard, Rosemary Ffrench, Anna L Wilkinson, Heidi Drummer, Silvana Gaudieri, Michaela Lucas

Pathology | ELSEVIER | Published : 2020


Evidence of autoimmune disease associated with hepatitis C virus (HCV)-infection has important clinical implications. A systematic profile of these autoantibodies in relevant clinical cohorts relative to healthy controls is needed to better inform current standard of care for chronic hepatitis C. Samples from an Australian cohort of chronic HCV-infected subjects (n=127) were tested for the presence of 19 diagnostic autoantibodies and compared with data available from a control cohort representing a general Caucasian population (n=198). Chronic HCV-infected individuals had a greater number of autoantibodies than controls (p<0.0001). Anti-nuclear antibodies (ANA) followed by anti-smooth muscle..

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