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Pilot scale concentration of cheese whey by forward osmosis: A short-cut method for evaluating the effective pressure driving force

A Artemi, GQ Chen, SE Kentish, J Lee

Separation and Purification Technology | Elsevier | Published : 2020


Cheese whey was concentrated to a concentration factor of 2.7 in a pilot scale forward osmosis filtration system, using a commercial cellulose triacetate membrane in a spiral-wound configuration. The whey was concentrated in a batch mode, using sodium chloride as the draw solution at initial osmotic pressures of 53–75 bar. During the process, flux was shown to reduce due to the simultaneous decrease in the bulk osmotic pressure of the draw solution, increase in the bulk osmotic pressure of the whey and the effect of concentration polarisation on both sides of the membrane. The flux is known to be driven by the effective osmotic pressures of whey and the draw solution on the surface of the me..

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Funding Acknowledgements

The authors would like to thank High Weald Dairy (West Sussex, UK) for kindly providing the whey for this work, as well as Holchem Laboratories Ltd (Bury, UK) for providing the membrane cleaning and preservation agents. George Chen and Sandra Kentish acknowledge funding through the Dairy Innovation Hub, and Judy Lee and Anna Artemi acknowledges the assistance of Oliver P. Crossley in carrying out the ICP-OES analysis.