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Skeletal muscle AMPK is not activated during 2 h of moderate intensity exercise at similar to 65%V?O2peakin endurance trained men

Glenn K McConell, Glenn D Wadley, Kieran Le Plastrier, Kelly C Linden



KEY POINTS: AMP-activated protein kinase (AMPK) is considered a major regulator of skeletal muscle metabolism during exercise. However, we previously showed that, although AMPK activity increases by 8-10-fold during ∼120 min of exercise at ∼65% V ̇ O 2 peak in untrained individuals, there is no increase in these individuals after only 10 days of exercise training (longitudinal study). In a cross-sectional study, we show that there is also a lack of activation of skeletal muscle AMPK during 120 min of cycling exercise at 65% V ̇ O 2 peak in endurance-trained individuals. These findings indicate that AMPK is not an important regulator of exercise metabolism during 120 min of exercise at ..

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