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Characterisation of GLUT4 trafficking in HeLa cells: comparable kinetics and orthologous trafficking mechanisms to 3T3-L1 adipocytes.

Silke Morris, Niall D Geoghegan, Jessica BA Sadler, Anna M Koester, Hannah L Black, Marco Laub, Lucy Miller, Linda Heffernan, Jeremy C Simpson, Cynthia C Mastick, Jon Cooper, Nikolaj Gadegaard, Nia J Bryant, Gwyn W Gould

PeerJ | Published : 2020


Insulin-stimulated glucose transport is a characteristic property of adipocytes and muscle cells and involves the regulated delivery of glucose transporter (GLUT4)-containing vesicles from intracellular stores to the cell surface. Fusion of these vesicles results in increased numbers of GLUT4 molecules at the cell surface. In an attempt to overcome some of the limitations associated with both primary and cultured adipocytes, we expressed an epitope- and GFP-tagged version of GLUT4 (HA-GLUT4-GFP) in HeLa cells. Here we report the characterisation of this system compared to 3T3-L1 adipocytes. We show that insulin promotes translocation of HA-GLUT4-GFP to the surface of both cell types with sim..

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