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The inconspicuous substratum Indigenous Australian languages and the phonetics of stop contrasts in English on Croker Island

Robert Mailhammer, Stacey Sherwood, Hywel Stoakes

English World-Wide A Journal of Varieties of English | John Benjamins Publishing | Published : 2020


Descriptions of Australian Aboriginal English list the neutralisation of the Standard English contrast between so-called voiced and voiceless stops as one characteristic feature. This paper reports on the results of an acoustic analysis of data collected in a production task by monolingual speakers of Standard Australian English in Sydney, of Aboriginal English on Croker Island, Northern Territory, and bilingual speakers of Iwaidja/Aboriginal English and Kunwinjku/Aboriginal English on Croker Island. The results show that average values for Voice Onset Time, the main correlate of the “stop voicing contrast” in English, and Closure Duration collected from Aboriginal speakers of English do not..

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