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Quantitative trait loci and genes associated with salmonid alphavirus load in Atlantic salmon: implications for pancreas disease resistance and tolerance

ML Aslam, D Robledo, A Krasnov, HK Moghadam, B Hillestad, RD Houston, M Baranski, S Boison, NA Robinson



Salmonid alphavirus infection results in pancreas disease causing severe economic losses for Atlantic salmon aquaculture. Knowledge about genes and pathways contributing to resistance is limited. A 54 K SNP panel was used to genotype 10 full-sibling families each consisting of ~ 110 offspring challenged with salmonid alphavirus subtype 3. Relative heart viral load was assessed at 4- and 10-weeks post-infection using quantitative PCR. A moderate genomic heritability of viral load at 4 weeks (0.15–0.21) and a high positive correlation with survival (0.91–0.98) were detected. Positions of QTL detected on chromosome 3 matched those for survival detected by other studies. The SNP of highest signi..

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Awarded by Research Council of Norway

Funding Acknowledgements

The research was funded by the Research Council of Norway (Project Number 254880) and supported by the Norwegian Institute of Food, Fisheries and Aquaculture (Nofima). High throughput sequencing was performed by the Norwegian Sequencing Centre (, a national technology platform hosted by the University of Oslo and Oslo University Hospital and supported by the "Functional Genomics" and "Infrastructure" programs of the Research Council of Norway and the South-eastern Regional Health Authorities.