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Higher nitrogen use efficiency (NUE) in hybrid "super rice" links to improved morphological and physiological traits in seedling roots.

Mei Chen, Gui Chen, Dongwei Di, Herbert J Kronzucker, Weiming Shi

J Plant Physiol | Published : 2020


Great progress has been achieved in developing hybrid "super rice" varieties in China. Understanding morphological root traits in super rice and the mechanisms of nitrogen acquisition by the root system are of fundamental importance to developing proper fertilisation and nutrient management practices in their production. The present study was designed to study morphological and physiological traits in hybrid super rice roots that are associated with nitrogen use efficiency (NUE). Two hybrid super rice varieties (Yongyou12, YY; Jiayou 6, JY) and one common variety (Xiushui 134, XS) with differing NUE were cultivated hydroponically, and morphological and physiological traits of seedling roots ..

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