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A Dynamic Model of Deciding Not to Choose

Angus Reynolds, Roderick Garton, Peter Kvam, James Sauer, Adam F Osth, Andrew Heathcote

Journal of Experimental Psychology General | AMER PSYCHOLOGICAL ASSOC | Published : 2021


We propose a dynamic theory of decisions not to choose which of 2 options is correct. Such "do not-know" judgments are of theoretical and practical importance in domains ranging from comparative psychology, psychophysics, episodic memory, and metacognition to applied areas including educational testing and eyewitness testimony. However, no previous theory has provided a detailed quantitative account of the time it takes to make both definitive and do not-know responses and their relative frequencies. We tested our theory, the multiple threshold race (MTR), in 1 recognition memory experiment where participants had to pick a previously studied target out of 2 similar faces and another where ta..

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