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A model of population dynamics with complex household structure and mobility: implications for transmission and control of communicable diseases

Rebecca Chisholm, Bradley Crammond, Yue Wu, Asha Bowen, Patricia Campbell, Steven Tong, Jodie McVernon, Nicholas Geard

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory | Published : 2020


ABSTRACT Households are known to be high-risk locations for the transmission of communicable diseases. Numerous modelling studies have demonstrated the important role of households in sustaining both communicable diseases outbreaks and endemic transmission, and as the focus for control efforts. However, these studies typically assume that households are associated with a single dwelling and have static membership. This assumption does not appropriately reflect households in some populations, such as those in remote Australian Indigenous communities, which can be distributed across more than one physical dwelling, leading to the occupancy of individual dwellings changing rapidly over time. In..

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