Journal article

Facile preparation of robust superhydrophobic cotton fabric for ultrafast removal of oil from contaminated waters.

Yaya Zhou, Yibing Ma, Youyi Sun, Chunhong Qi, Guizheng Guo, Zhiyuan Xiong, Yaqing Liu

Environmental Science and Pollution Research | Springer | Published : 2020


A new class of robust superhydrophobic cotton fabric was prepared by chemically grafting method for removing oil from contaminated waters. Furthermore, the mechanical, chemical, and thermal durability of superhydrophobic cotton fabric was evaluated in detail. The superhydrophobic cotton fabric did not only showed excellent separation efficiency (ca.100%) and ultrafast separation rate (ca. 13,600 L/h m2) but also exhibited excellent durability. Especially, the oil/water separation rate was almost 10 times than that reported in previous works. The work provides a new method to design and large-scale prepare oil/water separation materials with high performance for industrial use.

University of Melbourne Researchers