Journal article

DNA methylation biomarkers of future health outcomes in children.

Shivanthan Shanthikumar, Melanie R Neeland, Jovana Maksimovic, Sarath C Ranganathan, Richard Saffery

Molecular and Cellular Pediatrics | Published : 2020


Biomarkers which predict future health outcomes are key to the goals of precision health. Such biomarkers do not have to be involved in the causal pathway of a disease, and their performance is best assessed using statistical tests of clinical performance and evaluation of net health impact. DNA methylation is the most commonly studied epigenetic process and represents a potential biomarker of future health outcomes. We review 25 studies in non-oncological paediatric conditions where DNA methylation biomarkers of future health outcomes are assessed. Whilst a number of positive findings have been described, the body of evidence is severely limited by issues with outcome measures, tissue-speci..

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