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The wicked problem of climate change and interdisciplinary research: Tracking management scholarship’s contribution

Franz Wohlgezogen, Angela MCCABE, Tom Osegowitsch, Joeri Mol

Journal of Management and Organization | Cambridge University Press (CUP) | Published : 2020


Taking urgent action to combat climate change is a pivotal Sustainable Development Goal (SDG). Since it is closely intertwined with the other 16 goals, it is frequently characterized as a ‘wicked problem par excellence.’ Interdisciplinary research, i.e., research crossing disciplinary boundaries, offers promise for grappling with wicked problems, but also entails significant challenges to researchers. In this study, we use bibliometric methods to understand how management scholars have, over the course of four decades, straddled disciplinary boundaries and what impact their efforts have had on top-tier climate change research appearing in Science and Nature. We find that management scholarsh..

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