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Adolescent chronic intermittent toluene inhalation dynamically regulates the transcriptome and neuronal methylome within the rat medial prefrontal cortex

Alec LW Dick, Qiongyi Zhao, Rose Crossin, Danay Baker-Andresen, Xiang Li, Janette Edson, Simone Roeh, Victoria Marshall, Timothy W Bredy, Andrew J Lawrence, Jhodie R Duncan

ADDICTION BIOLOGY | WILEY | Published : 2020


Inhalants containing the volatile solvent toluene are misused to induce euphoria or intoxication. Inhalant abuse is most common during adolescence and can result in cognitive impairments during an important maturational period. Despite evidence suggesting that epigenetic modifications may underpin the cognitive effects of inhalants, no studies to date have thoroughly investigated toluene-induced regulation of the transcriptome or discrete epigenetic modifications within the brain. To address this, we investigated effects of adolescent chronic intermittent toluene (CIT) inhalation on gene expression and DNA methylation profiles within the rat medial prefrontal cortex (mPFC), which undergoes m..

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