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A first-principle study of nonlinear large amplitude vibration and global optimization of 3D penta-graphene plates based on the Bees Algorithm

ND Dat, TQ Quan, P Tran, PT Lam, ND Duc

Acta Mechanica | Springer | Published : 2020


Penta-graphene, a new monolayer of carbon atoms, has been synthesized with ideal strength and temperature resistance. However, the mechanical behavior of penta-graphene has not been fully investigated yet. This paper presents an analytical investigation on the nonlinear large amplitude vibration of imperfect three-dimensional (3D) penta-graphene plates subjected to uniformly distributed external pressure with simply supported and immovable edges in thermal environments. The elastic constants and the thermal expansion coefficients of the 3D penta-graphene plate are determined using the density functional theory. The motion and compatibility equations are established based on the Reddy’s highe..

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