Conference Proceedings

Transmission of Sacred Music between Bohemia and Dresden as seen in the Collection of Jan Dismas Zelenka

Janice Stockigt

Sammeln - Musizieren - Forschen. Zur Dresdner höfischen Musik : Bericht über das internationale Kolloquium vom 21. bis 23. Januar 2016 | Sächsische Landesbibliothek — Staats- und Universitätsbibliothek (SLUB) | Published : 2020


This paper addresses the question of how the Bohemian violone player Jan Dismas Zelenka (1679–1745) acquired a substantial collection of sacred music for use in Dresden’s first post-Reformation Catholic church, which was established by August II and dedicated in 1708. Tis royal chapel was housed in the renovated court theatre “Am Taschenberg”, and it was open for public worship. Te collection of sacred music accumulated by Zelenka hints at his ambitious nature because a library such as his would have been a prerequisite for a role of musical responsibility – clearly a position to which he aspired!