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Arabic learners’ acquisition of English past tense morphology: Lexical aspect and phonological saliency

Helen Zhao, Yasuhiro Shirai

Tense and Aspect in Second Language Acquisition and Learner Corpus Research | John Benjamins Publishing Company | Published : 2020


The current study investigates the roles of lexical aspect and phonological saliency in second language acquisition of English past tense morphology. It also explores whether the effects of these factors are affected by data elicita- tion tasks and learners’ L2 proficiency. We created a learner corpus consisting of data from oral personal narratives from twenty Arabic EFL learners from two proficiency groups (low vs. intermediate/advanced), which were transcribed in CHAT format, tagged, and included in the Talk- Bank corpora. We also administered a written cloze task. Despite task varia- tions, we find strong evidence that supported the influence of lexical semantics in Arabic learners’ acqu..

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