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A fluorescent timer reporter enables sorting of insulin secretory granules by age.

Belinda Yau, Lori Hays, Cassandra Liang, D Ross Laybutt, Helen E Thomas, Jenny E Gunton, Lindy Williams, Wayne J Hawthorne, Peter Thorn, Christopher J Rhodes, Melkam A Kebede

J Biol Chem | Published : 2020


Within the pancreatic β-cells, insulin secretory granules (SGs) exist in functionally distinct pools, displaying variations in motility as well as docking and fusion capability. Current therapies that increase insulin secretion do not consider the existence of these distinct SG pools. Accordingly, these approaches are effective only for a short period, with a worsening of glycemia associated with continued decline in β-cell function. Insulin granule age is underappreciated as a determinant for why an insulin granule is selected for secretion and may explain why newly synthesized insulin is preferentially secreted from β-cells. Here, using a novel fluorescent timer protein, we aimed to invest..

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