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epcAware: A Game-based, Energy, Performance and Cost Efficient Resource Management Technique for Multi-access Edge Computing

M Zakarya, L Gillam, H Ali, I Rahman, K Salah, R Khan, O Rana, R Buyya

IEEE Transactions on Services Computing | IEEE | Published : 2020


Internet of Things (IoT) is producing an extraordinary volume of data daily, and it is possible that the data may become useless while on its way to the cloud, due to long distances. Fog/edge computing is a new model for analysing and acting on time-sensitive data, adjacent to where it is produced. Further, cloud services provided by large companies such as Google, can also be localised to improve response time and service agility. This is accomplished through deploying small-scale datacentres in various locations, where needed in proximity of users; and connected to a centralised cloud that establish a multi-access edge computing (MEC). The MEC setup involves three parties, i.e. service-pro..

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