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Investigation of molecular mechanisms of experimental compounds in murine models of chronic allergic airways disease using synchrotron Fourier-transform infrared microspectroscopy

Nadia Mazarakis, Jitraporn Vongsvivut, Keith R Bambery, Katherine Ververis, Mark J Tobin, Simon G Royce, Chrishan S Samuel, Kenneth J Snibson, Paul V Licciardi, Tom C Karagiannis



The ovalbumin-induced (OVA) chronic allergic airways murine model is a well-established model for investigating pre-clinical therapies for chronic allergic airways diseases, such as asthma. Here, we examined the effects of several experimental compounds with potential anti-asthmatic effects including resveratrol (RV), relaxin (RLN), L-sulforaphane (LSF), valproic acid (VPA), and trichostatin A (TSA) using both a prevention and reversal model of chronic allergic airways disease. We undertook a novel analytical approach using focal plane array (FPA) and synchrotron Fourier-transform infrared (S-FTIR) microspectroscopic techniques to provide new insights into the mechanisms of action of these e..

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Funding Acknowledgements

TCK and the Epigenomic Medicine Laboratory (Central Clinical School, Monash University) are in part supported financially and intellectually by McCord Research (Iowa, USA). PVL is a NHMRC CDF2 recipient. NM is supported by Australian Government Research Training Program Scholarship. Synchrotron IR Microspectroscopy and focal plane array FTIR imaging were undertaken at the IRM beamline at the Australian Synchrotron, part of ANSTO.