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Harmonizing Cell-Free DNA Collection and Processing Practices through Evidence-Based Guidance.

Sarah R Greytak, Kelly B Engel, Sonya Parpart-Li, Muhammed Murtaza, Abel J Bronkhorst, Mark D Pertile, Helen M Moore

Clin Cancer Res | Published : 2020


Circulating cell-free DNA (cfDNA) is rapidly transitioning from discovery research to an important tool in clinical decision making. However, the lack of harmonization of preanalytic practices across institutions may compromise the reproducibility of cfDNA-derived data and hamper advancements in cfDNA testing in the clinic. Differences in cellular genomic contamination, cfDNA yield, integrity, and fragment length have been attributed to different collection tube types and anticoagulants, processing delays and temperatures, tube agitation, centrifugation protocols and speeds, plasma storage duration and temperature, the number of freeze-thaw events, and cfDNA extraction and quantification met..

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