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DEM modelling to assess internal stability of gap-graded assemblies of spherical particles under various relative densities, fine contents and gap ratios

M Ahmadi, T Shire, A Mehdizadeh, M Disfani

Computers and Geotechnics | Elsevier | Published : 2020


It is believed that the relative density (Dr) can affect the internal stability of the gap-graded soils and hence the erosion of their fine particles (i.e. susceptibility to suffusion). This paper investigates the influence of Dr on the contribution of fine particles to soil fabric. A new procedure is proposed to produce samples with target Dr using the discrete element method (DEM). DEM simulations were carried out using spherical particles. Particulate scale analysis of variation of stress reduction factor (αDEM), the evolution of contact type and fine particle coordination number (Zfine) with Dr reveals how Dr affects packing stability. The results show that packings with a fine content o..

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