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A review of the fern genus Pellaea (Pteridaceae) in Australasia

Patrick J Brownsey, Daniel J Ohlsen, Lara D Shepherd, Whitney LM Bouma, Erin L May, Michael J Bayly, Leon R Perrie



Five indigenous species of Pellaea in Australasia belong to section Platyloma. Their taxonomic history is outlined, morphological, cytological and genetic evidence for their recognition reviewed, and new morphological and chloroplast DNA-sequence data provided. Australian plants of P. falcata (R.Br.) Fée are diploid and have longer, narrower pinnae than do New Zealand plants previously referred to P. falcata, which are tetraploid. Evidence indicates that P. falcata does not occur in New Zealand, and that collections so-named are P. rotundifolia (G.Forst.) Hook. Chloroplast DNA sequences are uninformative in distinguishing Australian P. falcata from New Zealand P. rotundifolia, but show that ..

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Awarded by Bush Blitz grant from Australian Biological Resources Study

Funding Acknowledgements

This research was supported by a Bush Blitz grant from Australian Biological Resources Study (BBR21-25), the University of Melbourne Botany Foundation, and Core funding for Crown Research Institutes from the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment's Science and Innovation Group.