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Quantifying factors related to urban metal contamination in vegetable garden soils of the west and north of Melbourne, Australia

Slavica Kandic, Susanne J Tepe, Ewan W Blanch, Shamali De Silva, Hannah G Mikkonen, Suzie M Reichman



Vegetable gardens in cities provide communities with fresh vegetables but also may contribute towards public exposure to metals present in soil from historical pollution. Contamination of some Melbourne garden soils with Pb (range 12.9-773 mg kg-1 in soil) was found with some soils exceeding the Australian human health screening criteria for residential land use of 300 mg kg-1. Cadmium concentrations (0.12-1.04 mg kg-1) were above the ambient background soil concentrations of <1 mg kg-1. Nickel concentrations (7.6-40.5 mg kg-1) and Cr (11.6-49.4 mg kg-1) were within the range of expected ambient background concentrations. Distance from the nearest arterial road, house age and the likely use ..

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Funding Acknowledgements

The authors would like to thank the School of Environmental Engineering, RMIT University for providing resources and facilities. The authors would like to thank Babu Iyer and Sandro Longano, Paul Morrisson and Zahra Homan for their technical support; Moreland Food Network for their assistance with obtaining participants for the study and Maddumagge don Erandika Aberwardane for her assistance with chemical analysis. SK would like to thank the Australian College of Toxicology and Risk Assessment (ACTRA) for awarding her a Student Prize Award in 2017 for this project.