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Using Phosphorus-Rich Biochars to Remediate Lead-Contaminated Soil: Influence on Soil Enzymes and Extractable P

Pacian Netherway, Gabriel Gasco, Ana Mendez, Aravind Surapaneni, Suzie Reichman, Kalpit Shah, Jorge Paz-Ferreiro

Agronomy | MDPI | Published : 2020


In recent times, there has been increased focus on a holistic approach to soil remediation with consideration of social, economic and environmental factors. Consequently, there is a demand from practitioners and regulators alike for suitable ways to measure ancillary outcomes, for example, effects on soil quality. Here we show that biochar, when applied to land to remediate lead (Pb)-contaminated soils, can lead to environmental improvements not realized by adding mined or manufactured phosphates. Here, we study a Pb-contaminated soil amended with two phosphate fertilizers (slow- and fast-release) and with biochars produced from poultry litter and from biosolids at three temperatures (300 °C..

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