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The design and manufacture of 3D-printed adjuncts for powered air-purifying respirators.

LF Miles, J Chuen, L Edwards, JD Hohmann, R Williams, P Peyton, DB Grayden

Anaesth Rep | Published : 2020


Spurred in part by literature published in the immediate aftermath of the severe acute respiratory syndrome epidemic in 2003, powered air-purifying respirators have seen increased use worldwide during the COVID-19 pandemic. Whereas these devices provide excellent protection of the user, there is an added element of risk during doffing and cleaning of the device. An additional layer of barrier protection, in the form of a polypropylene gown, to be worn over the hood and motor belt, can be used to minimise this risk. However, the device entrains air perpendicular to the lie of the gown, resulting in the impermeable material being sucked into the air intake, and partial occlusion of flow. In th..

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