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Stress-Strain Behavior of Asphalt Concrete as a Water Barrier in Earth Fill Dams under Cyclic Loading

Negin Yousefpour, Fardin Jafarzadeh

Conference Proceedings 8th International Congress on Civil Engineering | Department Of Civil And Environmental Engineering, Shiraz University | Published : 2009


Behavior of asphalt concrete samples as a sealing element in earthfill dams' core under cyclic loading was investigated in the present study. Asphalt concrete specimens were prepared and tested based on criteria of ICOLD for asphalt concrete core and ASTM standards for bituminous mixtures. Samples with different aggregate size and bituminous content were tested by means of a cyclic triaxial system. Different levels of confining pressure and deviator stresse were exerted to each sample. Results obtained from more than 80 tests show that asphalt concrete behave properly under cyclic loading and specimens stay intact after applying 200 cycles. Amount of shear modulus ranges between 100 to 300 M..

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