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The Development of Adolescent Chronic Pain following Traumatic Brain Injury and Surgery: The Role of Diet and Early Life Stress

Sabrina Salberg, Marissa Sgro, Rhys D Brady, Melanie Noel, Richelle Mychasiuk



Pain is evolutionarily necessary for survival in that it reduces tissue damage by signaling the body to respond to a harmful stimulus. However, in many circumstances, acute pain becomes chronic, and this is often dysfunctional. Adolescent chronic pain is a growing epidemic with an unknown etiology and limited effective treatment options. Given that the relationship between acute pain and chronic pain is not straightforward, there is a need to better understand the factors that contribute to the chronification of pain. Since early life factors are critical to a variety of outcomes in the developmental and adolescent periods, they pose promise as potential mechanisms that may underlie the tran..

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Awarded by Canadian Institute of Health Research

Awarded by Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council

Funding Acknowledgements

The authors would like to thank the Alberta Children's Hospital Research Institute, Canadian Institute of Health Research (PTJ - 153051), and Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (1304881) for their financial contributions.