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Genomic adaptations to an endolithic lifestyle in the coral-associated alga Ostreobium

Cintia Iha, Katherine Dougan, Javier Varela, Viridiana Avila, Christopher Jackson, Kenny Bogaert, Yibi Chen, Yibi Chen, Louise Judd, Ryan Wick, Kathryn Holt, Marisa Pasella, Francesco Ricci, Sonja Repetti, Mónica Medina, Vanessa Marcelino, Cheong Xin Chan, Heroen Verbruggen

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory | Published : 2020


Summary The green alga Ostreobium is an important coral holobiont member, playing key roles in skeletal decalcification and providing photosynthate to bleached corals that have lost their dinoflagellate endosymbionts. Ostreobium lives in the coral’s skeleton, a low-light environment with variable pH and O□ availability. We present the Ostreobium nuclear genome and a metatranscriptomic analysis of healthy and bleached corals to improve our understanding of Ostreobium ’s adaptations to its extreme environment and its roles as a coral holobiont member. The Ostreobium genome has 10,663 predicted protein-coding genes and shows adaptations for life in low and variable light conditions and other st..

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