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Long-term stability study of the passivation quality of polysilicon-based passivation layers for silicon solar cells

D Kang, HC Sio, D Yan, W Chen, J Yang, J Jin, X Zhang, D Macdonald

Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells | Elsevier | Published : 2020


We investigate the stability of the effective lifetime τeff and the recombination current density parameter J0 in n-type silicon samples with symmetric phosphorus doped poly-Si/SiOx structures, and identify factors that contribute to the passivation degradation behavior. It is found that the surface passivation quality of phosphorus doped polysilicon passivating contacts degrades upon dark annealing and light soaking at temperatures between 75 °C and 200 °C, which can lead to a pronounced increase of the recombination current density parameter J0 (one-side) from below 10 fA/cm2 to 50 fA/cm2 or above. The degradation is only detected on fired wafers, whereas the surface passivation quality is..

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