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Employing ontology to capture expert intelligence within GEOBIA: automation of the interpretation process

Sachit Rajbhandari, Jagannath Aryal, Jon Osborn, Arko Lucieer, Robert Musk

Remote Sensing and Cognition: Human Factors in Image Interpretation | Taylor and Francis Group | Published : 2018


This chapter explores the need for automation processes in information extraction from remote sensing images. This exploration is further extended by developing an ontological framework for geographic object-based image analysis (GEOBIA). GEOBIA provides a method to identify real-world geographic objects from remote sensing imagery. It uses the same technique as a human does to perceive different geo-objects and to distinguish them. Thus, human involvement in the form of expert knowledge will be required during image object identification. This need for human intervention is addressed by employing a knowledge representation language such as ontology to formalize human expert knowledge. After..

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