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A taxonomy of seizure dynamotypes

Maria Luisa Saggio, Dakota Crisp, Jared M Scott, Philippa Karoly, Levin Kuhlmann, Mitsuyoshi Nakatani, Tomohiko Murai, Matthias Duempelmann, Andreas Schulze-Bonhage, Akio Ikeda, Mark Cook, Stephen Gliske, Jack Lin, Christophe Bernard, Viktor Jirsa, William C Stacey



Seizures are a disruption of normal brain activity present across a vast range of species and conditions. We introduce an organizing principle that leads to the first objective Taxonomy of Seizure Dynamics (TSD) based on bifurcation theory. The 'dynamotype' of a seizure is the dynamic composition that defines its observable characteristics, including how it starts, evolves and ends. Analyzing over 2000 focal-onset seizures from multiple centers, we find evidence of all 16 dynamotypes predicted in TSD. We demonstrate that patients' dynamotypes evolve during their lifetime and display complex but systematic variations including hierarchy (certain types are more common), non-bijectivity (a pati..

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