The purpose of place: Reconsidered

Ian Harper, Matt Wright, Ben Artup, Mark Dahdah, Kelly Heaton, Aaron Hill, Mingji Liu, Eamon McGinn, John O’Mahony, Ric SIMES, Daniel Terrill, Alan Weiss

Deloitte Australia | Published : 2015


Technology has trumped the tyranny of distance and place no longer matters. At least, that’s what most people seem to think. In fact, the opposite is occurring: place is becoming more important as the world’s economies are transformed by knowledge-intensive activities. Place matters for prosperity. For Australia – one of the world’s most urbanised nations – that means we need to reconsider the purpose of place. This report sets the ball rolling. What do we mean by place in Australia’s context? How is place relevant to Australia’s living standards? And what can business do to unlock the potential of place as a driver of our future prosperity?

University of Melbourne Researchers