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Rationale and design of a risk-guided strategy for reducing readmissions for acute decompensated heart failure: the Risk-HF study

Georgios Zisis, Quan Huynh, Yang Yang, Christopher Neil, Melinda J Carrington, Jocasta Ball, Graeme Maguire, Thomas H Marwick



AIMS: Heart failure (HF) readmission commonly arises owing to insufficient patient knowledge and failure of recognition of the early stages of recurrent fluid congestion. In previous work, we developed a score to predict short-term hospital readmission and showed that higher-risk patients benefit most from a disease management programme (DMP) that included enhancing knowledge and education by a nurse. We aim to evaluate the effectiveness of a novel, nurse-led HF DMP in selected patients at high risk of short-term hospital readmission, using ultrasound-guided diuretic management and artificial intelligence to enhance HF knowledge in an outpatient setting. METHODS AND RESULTS: Risk-HF is a pro..

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Awarded by 'Keeping Australians out of Hospital' grant from the Medical Research Future Fund, Canberra, Australia

Awarded by National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC), Canberra, Australia

Awarded by NHMRC/NHFA Early Career Fellowships

Awarded by NHFA Future Leaders Fellowships

Funding Acknowledgements

This study is supported in part by a 'Keeping Australians out of Hospital' grant from the Medical Research Future Fund (1176629), Canberra, Australia, and a National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) Partnership grant (1059738), Canberra, Australia. Q.H. is supported by Early Career Fellowships, National Heart Foundation of Australia (NHFA), National Heart Foundation, Melbourne, Australia. J. B. is supported by an NHMRC/NHFA Early Career Fellowships (1112829). M.J.C. is supported by a NHFA Future Leaders Fellowships (100802).