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Comparative genome analysis indicates rapid evolution of pathogenicity genes inColletotrichum tanaceti

Ruvini V Lelwala, Pasi K Korhonen, Neil D Young, Jason B Scott, Peter K Ades, Robin B Gasser, Paul WJ Taylor

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory


ABSTRACTColletotrichum tanacetiis an emerging foliar fungal pathogen of pyrethrum (Tanacetum cinerariifolium), posing a threat to the global pyrethrum industry. Despite being reported consistently from field surveys in Australia, the molecular basis of pathogenicity ofC. tanacetion pyrethrum is unknown. Herein, the genome ofC. tanaceti(isolate BRIP57314) was assembledde novoand annotated using transcriptomic evidence. The inferred pathogenicity gene suite ofC. tanaceticomprised a large array of genes encoding secreted effectors, proteases, CAZymes and secondary metabolites. Comparative analysis of its CAZyme pathogenicity profiles with those of closely related species suggested thatC. tanace..

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