Journal article

Understanding streambeds as complex systems: review of multiple interacting environmental processes influencing streambed permeability

S Shrivastava, MJ Stewardson, M Arora

Aquatic Sciences | Springer | Published : 2020


The permeability of sediments at the sediment–water interface is an important control on several stream ecosystem services. It is well known that streambed permeability varies over several orders of magnitude, however, the environmental processes influencing this variation have received little attention. This review synthesizes the state-of-art knowledge and gaps in our understanding of the key physical and biological processes which can potentially modify the streambed permeability. These processes include—(a) physical clogging due to fine sediments, (b) biological clogging due to microbial biomass, and (c) sediment reworking by in-stream fauna. We highlight that the role of biotic processe..

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