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Improvement in inner retinal function in glaucoma with nicotinamide (vitaminB3) supplementation: A crossover randomized clinical trial

Flora Hui, Jessica Tang, Pete A Williams, Myra B McGuinness, Xavier Hadoux, Robert J Casson, Michael Coote, Ian A Trounce, Keith R Martin, Peter van Wijngaarden, Jonathan G Crowston



IMPORTANCE: Retinal ganglion cells endure significant metabolic stress in glaucoma but maintain capacity to recover function. Nicotinamide, a precursor of NAD+ , is low in serum of glaucoma patients and its supplementation provides robust protection of retinal ganglion cells in preclinical models. However, the potential of nicotinamide in human glaucoma is unknown. BACKGROUND: To examine the effects of nicotinamide on inner retinal function in glaucoma, in participants receiving concurrent glaucoma therapy. DESIGN: Crossover, double-masked, randomized clinical trial. Participants recruited from two tertiary care centres. PARTICIPANTS: Fifty-seven participants, diagnosed and treated for glauc..

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Jean Miller Foundation; Jack Brockhoff Foundation, Grant/Award Number: 4354 2017; The Ophthalmic Research Institute of Australia; Connie and Craig Kimberley Fund; Vetenskapsradet, Grant/Award Number: 2018-02124